Amazing Detox Tea

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Full Disclosure: I've been on this journey to better health and wellness for a looooong time now. During this pandemic, as I continued to stack on the pounds in a more fierce way, I decided that I had to make significant changes. They included better-eating habits, starting a deck garden during the summer and eating from it, lots of walking outside and on the treadmill, drinking more water, a little weight training, and body contouring. My growing gut had been living with me for over 15 years and hadn't done anybody any good...LOL! But it was the medical concerns and health issues that were beginning to plague my body and were a cause for deep concern and stress. I had to go all in and I did! Now as tedious and slow as my process and progress have been, it wasn't until I incorporated a system of daily detoxing that I started to have enhanced and faster results. Within the first two weeks of being on this system, my body released 7lbs! I had more energy, and brain fog lifted. I was sold! Drinking this detox tea, reacquainted me with regularity and my bathroom sessions became major, productive EVENTS! More seemed to be coming out than I was putting in! I know. I know. I know...this may be TMI for some of you, but we all poop! And in my case, I pooped a lot - LOL! That's a good thing though because toxins and impurities were leaving my body, my weight loss results were being pushed through a long plateau phase and now I'm releasing much more consistently. I know everyone is different and I'm sure that this detox tea may have a different result for you, but at least give it a try at my expense. Here's how stupid simple it is to use. You add one sachet of powdered tea to a 16oz bottle of water, shake it and drink it. Or pour the powdered tea in a mug, add 16 oz of hot water, stir it and sip it. Like I said, "stupid simple". I like it. I like the convenience of it. It's working for me, and I wish the same for you. Got questions? Call me if you need to, but use this number...302-401-1411. I'll know you're calling about the tea or the other supporting products, which I'll be highlighting soon.

This tea flat-out works! I encourage you to go ahead and order your 2 free sample packets at my expense by clicking on the link above. It'll take you to a page where you'll see me and a form to supply your name and email to add you to my special detox tea list so that we can communicate outside of this website. I'll be conducting and producing videos and webinars about the benefits of gentle daily detoxing and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

Below you'll see two other options - a 5-Day and a 10 Day sample packet. You can share the other packet with a family member and decide if this tea works for you BEFORE investing in the regular 30-Day supply bag or the other supporting products which are just as good and effective as the'll see! Wishing you a happy hair day and better choices for a healthier YOU!



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