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Beautiful Loc Jewelry

"Excuse me, but you have something in your ha__, oh wait a minute...that's jewelry?! Where do you get those?" Be forewarned. That's the start of a conversation you'll have on a regular basis...LOL. You'll love the attention you get when wearing hand-crafted loc jewelry to adorn your locs and Sisterlocks(TM).

Real Loc Jewelry: Lovingly Hand-crafted With Our Locs In Mind!

I make loc jewelry to be worn on the tiniest of locs like Sisterlocks(TM), but they can also be "pierced" through larger locs,twists, braids & cornrows. The jewelry is small enough to be easily pulled through during the retightening process. Make sure you check out the video so that you know how to attach them for more permanent wear. You can wear them through shampoos, but take them off for color processing and swimming in chlorinated water.

I only use high quality glass beads, natural gemstones, Swarovski® crystals, 14kt gold-filled and silver-filled jeweler's wire to assemble the loc jewelry. Gold-plated and silver-plated wire will chip off after a few wears. That won't be an issue with your loc jewelry and you can expect the loc jewelry to maintain its integrity for several years with proper care. As soon as your loc jewelry arrives, you will appreciate the quality, but please be aware that I make every effort to make the loc jewelry as represented in the photos on the site, however, there may be times when you may receive a jewel where there are differences in the accent pieces or the stones used, but the main style and color of the loc jewelry will be as represented in the photos.

As always, I appreciate any feedback and courteous criticism. All of my pieces come with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, I can’t be responsible for jewelry pieces that you have lost because they weren’t secured properly or snug enough on your locs. I can’t tell you how many “favorite” pieces I have lost over the years. You're going to love them. Send me pics so that I can feature you on the site or broadcast!

Watch The Video Below To See How I Attach Them To My Locs!

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