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Best Cleansing & Shampoo Bars


Hi Phyllis:

It's your long-time customer from N.C. Just a note to thank you for such great products over the years. I very recently 'found' the Loc Luv Shampoo bar that was in an order earlier this year, and began using it - when I say that the Loc Luv Shampoo Bar is THE TRUTH for my Sisterlocks, I mean it!! I shampoo my locs often, due to heavy perspiration (from martial arts training, and running), and the shampoo bar keeps my hair clean, soft, and leaves my locs beautifully moisturized. My regimen is quite simple: shampoo w/Loc Luv Shampoo Bar, wrap locs in towel to remove excess water, then seal with Loc Luv Oil - that's it! I use your products exclusively, and my hair stays healthy and happy! I'm a silver fox now - my hair is mainly silver, and your products keep my silver shining!! Thank you again, Phyllis, and much continued Success!! All the best... Lois

Louis D, NC Oct 25, 2017

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