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J-Loc Rings Gold 20

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LOC Rings -20 individual gold loc rings - Always sells out and are hard to keep in order NOW!

They're back in stock after almost a year! An absolute favorite with my clients and customers. The Loc Rings are 14k gold-filled, which means that they are made from a high quality jeweler’s base metal which has been dipped in 14K gold…not to be confused with gold-plated, which will flake, peel and tarnish after just a few wears. With proper care, the gold will stay intact for many years. Oils, butters, shampoos and conditioners will not affect the quality of the Loc Rings, however, I would recommend removing them before a hair coloring session.

The Loc Rings have to be "slid on" from the bottom tip of your very small micro locs or Sisterlocks. They do not open. If your Sisterlocks are very thin, you may need to thread two sisterlocks into the hole so that the ring will stay on the loc. There is no need to remove them for shampooing or retightening sessions. They can be easily pulled through with your locs. I've been wearing my gold loc rings for many years!

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