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Micro Cobra /w Crystal

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Cobra Loc Wrap With Genuine Swarovski Crystal - measures approx 1" without cyrstal and approx 1 1/2" with crystal.

Only for Sisterlocks and the tiniest of locs. This gold-filled jewelers wire won't fade or chip and winds beautifully and continuously around your loc. It's highlighted with a delicate genuine Swarovski crystal that catches the light as it freely dangles on one end. This stunning piece of jewelry was designed specifically to fit OUR locs wonderfully! You'll get lots of compliments on this piece. Order now. The Cobras have been out of stock for more than a year and they always sell out quickly. It's a one size fits any lock that you can get into it...LOL!

I use a micro crochet hook to help guide the loc through this piece. You could probably use a very small pointed object like a toothpick or paperclip to help guide your loc through the openings. Once it's on, make sure you slide it to an area along your loc where it fits SNUGLY. You don't want to lose this beautiful piece.

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