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Shannon Is Starting Her Loc Journey

I’d like to introduce all of you to Shannon my newest client and brave soul. She has graciously allowed me to post her videos and photos for your viewing pleasure. Shannon’s hair locking journey will be documented on this site-so stay tuned

Great photos of Shannon's Baby Locs!

Shannon had color and text

urizer on her ends. Of course this affected her natural curl. Her ends were damaged and would not readily coil. She held a very good coil near her scalp, but as I continued to coil, the ends remained loose. Many of her ends had to be clipped. The clipping of Shannon’s ends will probably continue for the next few groomings. Shannon is on a 4 week grooming schedule.

Shannon's hair has great texture for locking and she has an incredible positive attitude in anticipation for going through the locking process. It’ll be fun watching her transition and documenting her loc journey.

Pics Of Shannon's 1 Year Loc Aniversary - "Locaversary"

Hey Gang.  This is an update to the video and a post I wrote 2 years ago (above).  I started Shannon's locking process 2 years ago.  Although she had some damage/breakage around the temple area and dryness at her tips because of the color in her hair, her hair for the most part was healthy.  Shannon’s hair had a lot of texture and I knew that she would lock in no time. 

The 5 pictures, above the videos, represent Shannon’s initial coiling session and then returning 4 weeks later for her first grooming.  The pictures below represent Shannon’s hair at the 1 year mark when she came in for her grooming.  You’ll notice that her hair appears like it didn’t grow that much (the length is just a "little" longer at 1 year than it was at the very beginning of her loc journey).  You can definitely see how the coils have drawn up, condensed, expanded and transitioned into short locks. 

It's always exciting to me to witness what the hair will look and feel like when it has finally locked. The locs have definitely taken on a different texture, they're more uniform and very soft.

Shannon shampooed her locs before arriving. I "Dry-Conditined her scalp and locs, with the HealthyLocs System, re-establish her parting pattern, palm-rolled her locs with super light custom gel pomade. No dryer time - always naturally dried.

On the average, it takes about 10 -18 months for the coils to transition to this point – it’ll take closer to 2 years or more for those of you who have the smoother and straighter hair textures. Here are the pics...Enjoy!

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