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  • Can I schedule a hair appointment, Sisterlock installation or Sisterlock retightening with you?
    I've been offering installation and retightening for Sisterlocks and loc clients for 22+ years. Although I still maintain my current client base, I no longer accept new clients for maintenance. I do, however, still offer installation services for new Sisterlocks and new Interlock clients. This means that you will need to find another person to maintain your locs. Feel free to call me directly for more information about these two installation services. Over the years, many people have traveled to me (Delaware) to have me install their Sisterlocks for a great foundation and an awesome installation experience and then have them easily maintained by another local consultant/loctician. If this can be an option for you, then definitely purchase a consultation ($30) and get all your specific questions answered. Consultations are offered in-person, over the phone, and online via video for those of you who are still undecided about the Sisterlocks or locking process. Go to the following page for more information about how the consultation process works: Click Here To Go To The Consultation Page!
  • Do you make all of the products on your site?
    I've created and hand-craft all of the hair products on this site with the exception of the Hair Secrets. The products are made in small batches and are very fresh when you receive them.
  • Do you offer custom loc ties or hair jewelry?
    Yes, I do offer custom pieces that are within the styles that I currently offer. That process will involve a video meeting so that you can explain exactly what you want, and I will be able to let you know if I can get it done within your time frame. Expect a 50% upcharge for this service. Feel free to call me at 302-310-4410.
  • Why weren't my t-shirts delivered with my hair products?
    I create but do not process the t-shirts and apparel that you see on this website. When you click the links for the t-shirts. It'll take you to my Etsy Shop. For apparel, coffee mugs, journals etc Click Here To Go To My Etsy Shop! For Beautiful Hair clips and other hair accessories that compliment your locs and my loc ties and jewelry, go here: Click Here To Go To My Lilla Rose Shop! I've been partnered with both of these platforms for many years with very little to no issues in quality and service. These products will be delivered separately from the products that I create.
  • Do you offer training classes?
    Yes. I conduct local 1-on-1 and small group training for locking hair. Online video training is in development and will be offered from this site in early 2023.
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