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Ear Abstracts

About Ear Abstracts...Use Code: EARABSTRACTS to get FREE shipping on your Entire order!

These Ear Abstracts allow my creative juices to flow. I spend hours twisting, turning, and bending until the design speaks to me. I end up with more unused wire and designs that don't make the cut to display on the website. No worries. They're recyclable and my clients and I have fun matching up different designs to wear as a set. The Ear Abstracts are made for pierced ears. The ear wires (the part that goes through the hole in your ear) are made from surgical steel. Great for those who have sensitive ears. The actual earring is made from aluminum…an awesome silver substitute (especially with the high price of silver today). They clean up well with mild soap and warm water and will polish up nicely too with a soft cloth. Oh…almost forgot to mention that the earrings are deceivingly feather-light in weight. You will forget you’re wearing them. Also, some of the larger earrings can be worn as a pendant! And YES!'re going to get LOTS of compliments! :)

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