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HealthyLocs Double Bottle - Ultimate

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HealthyLocs Double Bottle - Ultimate Mist

If purchased separately, total would be $48.

“OMG!!! Do You Have Crunchy Locs?! …You definitely need the Ultimate Mist!”

***Testimonial: "I love the ultimate mist. It is great on my locs and I have been using it for the past 5 years since I found your site. I always talk about you and share with other persons. Keep up the good work!" - Janet M, Paterson, New Jersey

An extra moisturizing and conditioning formula specifically developed to moisturize, condition and soften mature locs that are severely dry and/or color-treated. The nutritive benefits of goat’s milk, shea butter and argan oil combine to effectively condition and soften your locs between shampoos while giving dry crunchy locs the extra moisture that is needed to soften and hydrate.

You’ll love the way your locs feel and smell after the very first use. A light and fruity scent.

The Ultimate Mist is great for Natural Hair that is not locked as well. Use it to moisturize and lightly condition Afros & twist outs styles. Spray sections of hair before twisting, plaiting or coiling instead of plain water for added texture and definition when used with your favorite gels . A great way to keep natural hair soft and conditioned in-between shampoos.

Directions: Shake well and lightly mist just shampooed or dry locs daily or as needed. Occasionally follow up with a very light application of one of the HealthyLocs natural oils (Loc Luv or Sugar Shea Spa Oil) for extra conditioning benefits and to help loc in moisture.

Does not contain petroleum, mineral oil or alcohol.

Ultimate Mist Ingredients: Purified water, goat’s milk and shea butter conditioning base formula, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, MSM, hydrolyzed wheat protein, vitamin E, Polysorbate 80, essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass & fragrance

NOTE: Not for new locs or the softer and finer textured hair. This formula may be too softening on the hair and may cause “slippage” especially for Sisterlocks that are less than 8 months to a year old. The HealthyLocs Honey Rose Water (in the "pink" bottle) or the HealthyLocs 3-in-1 Daily Conditioning Mist (in the “brown” bottle) will be just fine for you. If you have mature Sisterlocks that are severely dry and/or color treated, then you will most definitely benefit from this excellent leave-in conditioning mist. Call me if you have questions-302-836-3550.

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