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J-Crystal Bling - Smokey Gold Starter Set

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The Very Popular "Crystal Bling" Starter Set (Smokey Gold) - It's REAL jewelry for your locs!

This is a five (5) piece set with genuine Swarovski crystals adorned with a top gold bead. They are a clear "smokey gold" color - beautiful!

These beautiful eye-catching loc jewels teasingly dangle from your locs - attracting attention and the impulse to "touch" as people realize that the colorful glitter sparkling from your locs is actual a genuine crystal!

This is a very subtle way for you to adorn your locs. The set includes five (5) clear smokey gold crystals that attract light and change colors as they dance throughout your hair. The genuine Swarovski crystal is threaded on a 14k gold-filled wire, and attached to a gold-filled ring, which can slide on and off the tiniest of locs. I made them specifically for the Sisterlocks(tm), but anyone with any size locs or braids can wear these beautiful delicate jewelry pieces by "piercing" them through the loc. Each ring has been cut and can "twist" to open and then "twist" to close.

I wear them permanently pierced through my locs and I pierce them through my client's locs too. They are small enough to be pulled through the base of the locs during re-tightening sessions.

No need to concern yourself with "will they turn?" The wire and rings are not gold-plated and will not chip or quickly turn colors. The wire and rings are made from a jeweler's base metal and then dipped in 14k gold. There may be a slight discoloration where the wire was cut and exposes the base metal, but these jewelry pieces will stay vibrant and new looking through years of shampooing and applying hair products. I do, however, highly recommend removing your loc jewelry prior to any chemical or color treatment, which may affect the luster of your loc jewelry.

With proper care and regular wear, you'll enjoy your loc jewelry for many years to come. My clients, customers, and I can attest to that!

Get your BLING on, girlfriend. Order Today! :)

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