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Meet with Phyllis online for a private 1-on-1 video consultation. Phyllis was the first locktician to conduct live webinars online and make herself accessible for questions from viewers around the world. She's been consistently conducting these broadcasts for the past 8 years!

During your consultation, Phyllis will listen to your issues and concerns, ask you plenty of questions and offer great tips & suggestions on loc maintenance, styling, hair thinning issues and product selections, but more personal and specific to you.

If you're considering transitioning into locs, Sisterlocks(tm) or any other locking method and you want to get quick answers for yourself so that you can be more knowledgeable when you're searching out a locktician or Sisterlocks(tm) consultant in your area, then consider a 1-on-1 private video chat consultation with Phyllis. It's a great way to arm yourself with information about Sisterlocks(tm), the process, pricing, finding reputable and experienced consultants & loctician, along with information about other "alternative" locking methods. You'll have enough information (and confidence) to "interview" your prospective Sisterlocks(tm) and locticians consultants in your area.

Want To Start A Natural Hair Business and need some direction? Schedule a consultation. Phyllis will be able to provide great insight, tips and share with you a few strategies that has allowed her to sustain, manage and grow a client and customer base of over 1500.

How does this work?

1) Purchase your 30 Minute Consultation

2) Click this link to leave Phyllis a voice message letting her know you just purchased your consultation: Send Phyllis A Voice Message!

3) Provide a time frame that is good for you to have the consultation.

4) You'll be contacted within a few hours and will be sent a private link to join Phyllis on line at the scheduled time.

"I've been helping women transition into very healthy natural hair and ultimately into beautiful, long and sexy locs for the past 17 years! I've also trained & mentored many on how to successfully start and grow their home-based businesses. I absolutely LOOOOVE what I do and I'm so looking forward to chatting with you and answering YOUR questions! Schedule your private video chat consultation today and we'll talk soon!"

- Phyllis...Your Video Locktician

Click Here To Send Phyllis A Voice Message Now!

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