HealthyLocs Ultimate Combo Set

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The HealthyLocs Ultimate Combo Set

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TESTIMONIAL: “I have been using Phyllis’ HealthyLocs Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula and Loc Luv oil for a little over a year. Living in Arizona with many months of 100+ degree heat often left my locs very dry, crunchy and fragile. The Ultimate spray mist and Loc Luv oil have really helped to reverse that trend, leaving my hair softer and in much better condition. Both products smell heavenly and provide just the moisture my hair needs to be healthy. Thank you Phyllis for creating such amazing products! You have one happy and satisfied customer in AZ!” - Karen A - Surprise, AZ

This is the dynamic duo for severely dry and neglected locs! Treating your locs to this system will keep them in a moisturized and conditioned state in-between shampoos. The HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula With Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter can be misted throughout your locs daily, but when you follow up with the Loc Luv conditioning oil 2-3 times a week, you'll be well on your way to more pliable, softer locs that smell amazing.

“OMG!!! Do You Have Crunchy Locs?! …You definitely need this Dry-Conditioning System!”

This system was developed to hydrate, soften and condition mature locks that are severely dry and/or color-treated. You'll be hard pressed to find anything else comparable on the market. The nutritive benefits of goat’s milk and shea butter combine to effectively condition and soften your locs between shampoos. You’ll love the way your locks feel and smell after the very first use. The mist has a light fruity scent.

To DEEP CONDITION: Shampoo your locs as usual. Towel dry your locs to get as much water as possible out of them, then use very absorbent paper towels to remove even more water. Locs should not be drippy or obviously wet.

Liberally mist your locs with the Ultimate Mist, then section your locs by taking a small handful of locs and applying Loc Luv along the length (remember, a little Loc Luv goes a long way). Concentrate oil on your oldest hair - the ends and where you've applied color. Cover your locs with a plastic cap (if you have long locs, section and secure your locs on top of your head so that the bottom half of your locs get benefit of the heat from the dryer. Sit under a very warm dryer (not hot) for 15-20 minutes.

What's great about this system is that there is no need to rinse your locs after your treatment. The combination of oils and essential oils are very light and penetrating, but effective. Just let your locs air dry or use any of the grooming or curling techniques to style your locs. Your locs will be incredibly soft, pliable and fresh smelling.

For Regular Use: Shake well and lightly mist just shampooed or dry locs daily or as needed with HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula. Occasionally follow up with Loc Luv to lock in moisture and provide sustained conditioning benefits. This system does not contain petroleum, mineral oil or alcohol.

Ultimate Mist Ingredients: Purified water, goat’s milk and shea butter conditioning base formula, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, MSM, hydrolyzed wheat protein, vitamin E, Polysorbate 80, essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass & fragrance

Loc Luv Ingredients: Blended oil base of avocado, safflower, coconut, aloe vera, meadowfoam seed, jojoba & vitamin E. Pure essential oils of lemongrass (cymbopogon flexuosus);Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis); lavender 40/42 french (lavadula officinalis); lime (citrus aurantifolia)

NOTE: Not for new locks or the softer and finer textured hair. This formula may be too softening on the hair and may cause “slippage” especially for Sisterlocks that are less than 8 months to a year old. The HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning mist (in the “brown” bottle) will be just fine for you. If you have mature locs or Sisterlocks(tm) that are severely dry and/or color treated, then you will most definitely benefit from this excellent leave-in conditioning mist and oil combination. Call me if you have questions-302-836-3550.

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