Conditioning Mists & Oils

Testimonial: Phyllis - I can't wait to get my new products! Love these mists even though I make my own! Lol - Valerie B, Decatur GA

Testimonial: I have been using Phyllis’ HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula and Loc Luv oil for a little over a year. Living in Arizona with many months of 100+ degree heat often left my locs very dry, crunchy and fragile. The Ultimate spray mist and Loc Luv oil have really helped to reverse that trend, leaving my hair softer and in much better condition. Both products smell heavenly and provide just the moisture my hair needs to be healthy. Thank you Phyllis for creating such amazing products! You have one happy and satisfied customer in AZ!” - Karen A, AZ

How To Use The HealthyLocs System To "Dry-Condition" Your Locs