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Celebrate Your Loc Journey With The
(TM) System For Longer, Softer, Sexier, Hydrated, And Deliciously Fragrant Locs!

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Featuring Our Best Sellers...
Hand-crafted Conditioning Mists, Multi-Use
Therapeutic Oils, And Fragrant Shampoo Bars!

Dry Conditioning With The HealthyLocs System

What is "Dry Conditioning"?

It's the process of keeping your locs and natural hair moisturized and conditioned in between your shampoo sessions.  Regular use leaves your locs and hair incredibly soft to the touch, super hydrated, and surprisingly fragrant! Learn More about these incredible products for your hair!


Testimonial: "I have been using Loc Luv and the HealthyLocs System for over ten years.  These are the best loc products ever.  The smell is amazing. I have soft, thick, and healthy beautiful locs." 

 Josephine M,   Houston, TX 


Fragrant Shampoo Bars

Lovingly hand-crafted for you WITHOUT Sulfates, Parabens or Phthalates

I love creating these bars!  They scent the entire house when I'm making them, and my clients have to hide them from their kids and significant others. Different...but very easy and economical to use.  Great for travel.  The line includes treatment and clarifying bars for the scalp and hair and my special African Black Soap with Goats Milk for your face and skin.  A true treat!  Learn more and see how to use them.  They make wonderful gifts!

Testimonial:  "Hi, Phyllis.  when I say that the Loc Luv Shampoo Bar is THE TRUTH for my Sisterlocks, I mean it!  I shampoo my locs often due to heavy perspiration from martial arts training and running.  The shampoo bar keeps my hair clean and soft and leaves my locs beautifully moisturized.  Thank you again, Phyllis, and much-continued success."

Louis D,   NC

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Thinning Hair On Top?
Weak Hairline?
Slow Hair Growth?



Hair Secrets Rx

As a trichologist (someone who is trained and certified in hair and scalp issues), I see many forms of hair loss throughout the day. Hair Secrets Rx is what I recommend to clients who are noticing signs of gradual hair thinning around the hairline and on the top of the head in the crown area.  Include these serums in your hair regimen to support a healthier scalp environment for stronger, thicker, and prolonged hair growth.

Testimonial:  Finally - Hair Growth!

"Like most, I always compared my Sisterlocks with others wondering when will I get length.  I have been locked for five years, and it just seemed as far as growth, I was behind in length compared to others that have locs less time than myself.  I don't have any hair loss or damage, but still ordered the Hair Secrets Rx (pink bottle).  My hair seems like it took off with a major growth spurt.  I have only been using it for three weeks."

Katrina Y,    Sterling, MI

Jewelry (5).png

Jewelry & Adornments To Beautify & Compliment Your Locs!

Just when you thought
your Loc Journey
couldn't get any better...

After 8-12 months of good care and healthy loc habits, all my loc newbie clients are gifted with their first loc jewelry.  How wonderful!  Locs are healthy, they feel good, they smell wonderful, and now girlfriend's got BLING!  Love up on your locs with my beautiful collection of "real" Loc Jewelry, Loc Ties, and Ear Abstracts - all lovingly created and hand-crafted from me to YOU!


Scroll Through Popular Videos To Meet Me And Learn How The HealthyLocs(tm) System Will Get You Closer To Long, Sexy And Healthy Locs!

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All Videos

Testimonial:  "Amazing Find"

Found Phyllis and her products on YouTube when I was doing my research for Sisterlocks.  Impressed from the jump - her knowledge on everything, healthy hair, styling, maintenance, and finally, her products.  I waited until I finished my starter shampoo and started the products, and  'Whoa' is all I can say.  GREAT for your hair, smells divine, ease of use with the shampoo bars, etc.  I have the driest and coarsest of hair with grays, and the conditioning mists get my hair right together!!!  Phyllis is accessible to her customers and still giving live webinars.  She is a blessing and a lock saver!  Try her.  You will NOT be disappointed."

Tess W,    Miami FL

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